We host some our recorded preaches on Google Drive, please click the LINK.


We are also involved in a few aspects of the city, student ministries as well as overseas missions:

ABÖJ - Austrian Youth and Children Ministries

ARGEGÖ - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Gemeinden in Österreich.

Evangelische Allianz Österreich - Evangelical Alliance of Austria.

Endlich Leben - Platform of the Evangelical Alliance in Linz.

SASIA - Support a School in Africa.

ÖSM - Austrian Students Mission.

KEB Österreich - Child Evangelism Fellowship of Austria.

Entdecker-Kids - Website for Children to get to know biblical truths.

FERVR and - Web sites for Christian Teenagers to be strengthened in their everyday faith.

LANGHAM AUSTRIA - Training for those teaching and preaching God’s word. There is also a Linz area preachers club.